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SeaBuilt Customer Testimonials

The SeaBuilt Access Plate can turn an otherwise problematic fuel containment system into a functional piece of equipment that is easy to clean, service, and inspect. My customers recognize the quality in design, construction, and materials of the SeaBuilt Access Plate System and are confident in their installation.

Paul Weltzin, Frontier PetroClean, Auke, AL

Over the last eight years we have installed 400 SeaBuilt Access Plates. We have installed plates on the top of the tank, on the side and even on the bottom without leaks - not one single call back.

David Blue, Mobile Filtration, San Diego, CA

We cannot claim to have cleaned a tank unless we have cut ports and manually cleaned out the tank. The SeaBuilt Access Plate System is the solution to the problem of installing access on tanks, inexpensively and reliably.

Paul Muenzinger, Brewer Post Road Boat Yard, Mamaroneck, NY

Cleaning just the fuel is not enough, the real problem is in the tank and getting access usually means installing a hatch. SeaBuilt access plates make it possible for us to do a professional job. We would be dead in the water without them. In a world where so many products are inferior, it is a joy to use a product I can totally depend upon.

Marshall Solomon, Marsh, Marine Charleston, SC